Common questions I get asked about my work. If you don’t see the answer you want please get in touch.

I use a single piece of lino to create multi-coloured layered prints. My prints are limited in number due to the process of cutting away more of the lino with each layer of colour – there is no printing more or going back to correct mistakes!  

Original lino prints are limited edition, numbered and signed. Art prints are digital reproductions of my original works, which are sold with a certificate of authenticity. 

My products are packaged in compostable cellophane sleeves. Prints are shipped in cardboard packaging to protect them from damage during transit. Cards are shipped in cardboard backed envelopes. 

Not currently.

My prints are created using biodegradable lino. My products are printed onto responsibly sourced FSA certified papers / card with recycled envelopes and compostable cellophane sleeves.